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Everybody should  visit Sicily's old villages, located in dramatically  beautiful areas, out  of the touristy routes, where one can feel the most genuine so

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There are places where time seems to have stopped at a certain moment in the past, thus enabling you to watch with the same eyes of those who found their home here thousand

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The best way to explore Sicily and discover its wild beauties is walking.

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Sicily has the highest active volcano in Europe, Mt. Etna, and a series of other smaller ones in the near islands.

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Located in the centre of the Mediterranean, Sicily is rich of history.

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Luciano De Angelis, El Paso, TX
August 03, 2015

Over the years I have unsuccessfully used several “Locators” in an effort to find information on my fathers side of the family in Sicily. Not having known my father has been an emptiness in my soul that has grown over the years, so when I saw the article in the L’Italo Americano on the two women in Catania, I jumped at the opportunity of maybe finally realizing my dream. I expected a long drawn out process but my experience with Orvietta and Loredana has been Electrifyingly Awesome  - Unbelievable” to say the least. 

After submitting my initial form off their web site and answering some of their follow up questions ,I received a 22 page report on my Sicilian family history within 30 days. Imagine my feelings on opening up that report “Oh my God – Finally – Alleluia” It brought tears to my eyes. My wife was ecstatic for me as she knew on what it meant to me to start this trip of a lifetime.

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Cliffs of black hardened lava, golden limestone coastlines swept by the wind, sunny beaches the colour of bronze, white sand in a clear blue sea: Sicily is the largest isl