Luciano De Angelis, El Paso, TX
August 03, 2015

Over the years I have unsuccessfully used several “Locators” in an effort to find information on my fathers side of the family in Sicily. Not having known my father has been an emptiness in my soul that has grown over the years, so when I saw the article in the L’Italo Americano on the two women in Catania, I jumped at the opportunity of maybe finally realizing my dream. I expected a long drawn out process but my experience with Orvietta and Loredana has been Electrifyingly Awesome  - Unbelievable” to say the least. 

After submitting my initial form off their web site and answering some of their follow up questions ,I received a 22 page report on my Sicilian family history within 30 days. Imagine my feelings on opening up that report “Oh my God – Finally – Alleluia” It brought tears to my eyes. My wife was ecstatic for me as she knew on what it meant to me to start this trip of a lifetime.

Greg De Carmine
May 31, 2013

I used SicilyMemoryRoamers, a Sicilian based genealogy company that was excellent. I visited Sicily in late 1980s (Toarmina,Palermo) but was a kid and wasn’t too interested in it’s history.
 (...) My family was based out of Ribera, Cianciana, Catolica Eraclea.(...). Btw, I highly recommend Memory Roamers, the 2 girls that run it are awesome.



Bruno Umberto and Rebecca Steiner, LA

June 2013

"It has been a month since meeting my Sicilian family and I am still emotionally
stirred by the beautiful day Rebecca and I experienced.
There are not enough words to express how deeply I appreciated this profoundly moving reunion with myrecen tly discovered Sicilian family.
It was an emotionally rich, joyous event, and has become a true highlight of my life.
Your translation, enthusiasm, energy and joy facilitated a fantastic, vibrant emotional family reunion with fascinating and deepexchanges.
I find myself thinking about this wonderful day all the time.
The insights and perspectives that our Sicilian vacation and reunion gave me were unfathomable.
I feel a great connection to the Sicilian countryside and my family. I told Nicola that I
will make it a goal to learn the Italian language, and will try to keep communication
in the future. I hope everyone in Palermo remains patient with me as I try to learn.
I was reflecting on how fascinating the trip was, and how intensely interesting it is
to discover one’s roots and cultural legacy, and how important the service you and
Orietta provide to rejoin families, provide tours and yield cultural insights that only
you as native Sicilians can offer.
I enthusiastically recommend Sicily Memory Roamers to anyone who wants to
learn about beautiful sicily and especially for people who wish to reconnect to the
intensely rich cultural legacy and beauty of their ancestral home. Thank you for the
stunning experience once again."

Darius Melisaratos, MD
May 30th 2013
"I'm a second generation Sicilian American who found Loredana and Orietta by accident on the web. I thought I knew my family's immigration story based on and US census records, but I was wrong. SicilyMemoryRoamers provided me with a rich and detailed history that only a native Sicilian would be able to obtain. My great grandfather's story was a surprise and inspirational. No one in the family knew about his tough journey. I can't thank SicilyMemoryRoamers enough.  The detail and quickness of the report was professional and the fee was a bargain! 
Paying through PayPal was easy and secure. I would recommend that every Sicilian interested in tracing their roots hire Loredana and Orietta." 

Missi Meers, Mar Vista (California)
November 26th 2012

"Thank you for helping my family and I find and even meet our distant family in Sicily, Italy! 
It was a trip of a lifetime"



C. R. Galluzzo
May 20th 2010

"Before an organized walking tour of Sicily I asked one of the two guides to take me back to the town of my grandfather's birth. (...)"Orietta and Loredana researched my families genealogy back five generations. (...)When we arrived at the town where my grandfather was born, preparations had be made at the department of records. We found birth documents, marriage certificates for many of my ancestors and walked to the house where my grandfather was born. This was truly a gift to me and the rest of my family.



Peggy Accurso, Saint Augustine (Florida)
December 1st 2010

My trip to Sicily would not have been as incredible had it not been for the geneological study that Sicily Memory Roamers, and particularly Orietta and Loredana did for me.  I was so touched and moved by the way they took such a personal interest in my family on my Sicily Tour.
I felt like they knew more about my family then I did and we all cried at some of the astounding facts that they unearthed.  They presented all of this research to me in a beautiful book that I will treasure forever.
I recommend anyone who has family in Sicily, plans to visit, do not go without a geneological study from Orietta and Loredana, it will bring your trip to Sicily alive for you!   I look forward to returning to Sicily again and seeing Ori and Lori again as they are not only the best tour guides, but I feel like they are family to me.


Margaret Danesi, Canastota (New York)
November 10th 2009

Well I came home to snow flurries! It is very cold . I had a wonderful time with Memory Roamers  and our  whole family.
I miss you and wish we were not on the other side of the world.
We just looked at all the pictures. Catania is beautiful, thank  you for a great tour. Can not wait to go back .Monica too . She said thank you for everything.
Thanks again for great memories.

baci e abbracci

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