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Climb your Sicilian family tree and pick our Spring offers!



Looking for your relatives still living in Sicily?

With our offer of the season, the research of relatives  in Sicily is FREE OF CHARGE if you book one of our customized genealogical research services

Is your ancestors' town of origin in the province of Catania?

In Spring, you will have a 20% discount on any genealogical research in the province of Catania

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Sicily Memory Roamers can :

- Carry out a complete Genealogical research;

- Help you building your family tree

- Find your Sicilian relatives and make all the arrangements to meet them

- Create a unique customized and handmade family book

- Translate original documents from Latin and Italian to English

- Translate of old letters you might have found in a drawer

- Help you planning your journey in the places where your ancestors used to live

- Provide assistance and interpreting during your stay in Sicily







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