Sicily TourSicily Tour

Memory Roamers is a cultural Association set up by long term expert professionals fond of tourism, history and Sicilian culture or Sicily Tour.
A team of English speaking guides, anthropologists, geologists and travel agents works on genealogy and tourism management.
Your history is our history! This is a real Sicily Tour.
Most of our members have experienced personally their family’s immigration to the USA, Australia or to the “close” European States. This makes us sensitive to feelings like homesickness, sense of belonging and  the willing to discover one’s own roots.
Helping people to know more about their origins, and families to be connected again is therefore our aim.
Since we are Sicilian natives, we will introduce you to local culture from the local’s perspectives. With  joy and passion we share with people our knowledge on Sicilian history and culture and lead you in an emotional tour which will result in your love for this island.

Sicily Tour

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