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Find out where and when...

your sicilian ancestors have been part of a great adventure which continues with you.




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Paper formFill in with what you know about your ancestors and send us back the form so that we can start retracing your family history. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Family Book


Family Book

The results of our research on your family will be collected in a customized ‘Memory Roamers Family Book’, each handmade and unique.

It may contain:

  • The history of your town of origin
  • The cultural and historical background at the time your ancestors left Sicily
  • The original documents, copies from the civil and church records
  • Pictures of the town - how it was and how it is now
  • Family tree
  • Pictures of family members and special events, Sicily Genealogy
  • Oddities about names and surnames occurring in your family

and much more...!


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of a Memory Roamers customized Family Book

Oddities about italian origin names, Sicily genealogy

Traditionally, Sicilians used to name their children after a grandparent, choosing names from the father’s side of the family first or from the mother’s side. Children can also be named after the patron Saint of the town where they are born or after a  Saint their parents are particularly devoted to.

In modern times, however, new names are gradually replacing traditional ones and children very often bear the name of a famous movie character rather than that of a relative or a protective Saint!



Trace the roots of your surname and find out whether you descend from the same ancestors of those around the world who have your same family name. Sicily genealogy.

leaf through some pages


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