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Happy Reunion to say the least! I want them all to come to America
Lilo and Peggy in front of the Accurso home.
Here we are at a small rural ricotta cheese factory.....too funny, when we drove up there was a shepard herding the sheep away from the building. This is a family operation and it was fascinating to see how ricotta is made.
They took us out for Sicilian pizza that night, 6 pizzas!!!. This lady in the forefront is also a cousin, Vita Accurso. We just happened upon her when we went to the cemetary. When we drove up Lilo said, oh, there is another cousin of yours! She and Lilo kept saying how I looked just like another relative who had passed away. The pizza was delicious and we had a great time...too short a visit, though.
How cool is that?
Love this man! Here Lilo and I are standing in front of the home where the Accurso brothers were born.
My cousin Lilo (we have the same great grandparents), me, his wife Concetta, their daughter and Camille at their home in Camporeale. Concetta made us a wonderful lunch of Pasta Carbonara, homemade olives, local wine from his vineyard and a sweet after dinner liquor (local of course)...their home was beautiful and they were so warm and was fantastic.
Flowers for our great grandparents....Lilo and Vita think my grandfather Giusseppe Accurso may be buried with him...we could not find his gravesite. Santo Accurso and Vincenza Serafina.
"My Sicilian grandparents lived here"
Searching for those unambiguous records that allow us to accurately build your family tree
Family reunion in Sicily. "Blessed to have loving relatives welcome us into their homes and hearts"D. Meers
Welcoming new found relatives with a delicious traditional Sicilian lunch
Ice-cream with the new-found Sicilian family in Palermo
New-found cousins
Family picture at Carlo's country house
Two girls of the Band welcome the American guests at the village festival
Never met before new-found cousins that look like brothers
Memory tour-The fisherman's house
Many very old documents needs a restoration.
Family book- Old letters with translation
Family book. Hand-cut pages
Three just-hand-bound Family albums for three cousins
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