Sicily Tour

On Tours

Is Memory Roamers’tour available on a catalogue?

No, you will not be able to find a specific tour in a catalogue as each of them is different and adapted to the customer’s needs and interests.

We will guide you through the ‘must’ places in Sicily as well as to places no tourist would find without a specialized help! You can enjoy first-hand culture or traditions, coming into contact with towns, their people and their homes.


I do not have a precise idea on what I want to experience/visit in Sicily, how can I plan my Sicily tour?

Our team is always reachable by e-mail or phone; you will discuss your needs with a responsible who will decide what is best for you! Once you contact us, we will suggest several different itineraries, letting you choose that one you believe more suitable.


I am an independent and solitary traveller. However, I do not know much about Sicily, can Memory Roamers help me in planning my tour?

Yes, we develop self-guided tours, provide maps, itineraries, hotels, whatever else you might need while on tour.


I’m not interested in a genealogical research, can I ask Memory Roamers for a help in planning a tour in Sicily?

Yes. We will be happy to plan your trip and, if requested, guide you during a Sicily tour.


On Genealogy

I possess very little information about my ancestors and I am not sure if what I know is correct: is a genealogical research possible?

Every single information can be a starting point. Smallest detail might be important for a successful research.


I have no idea if there are still living relatives in Sicily, is it possible for you to find them?

Part of our research implies still living relatives. If required we put you in contact with them and, when possible, organize a meeting during your visit in Sicily.


How can I be sure that the result of a genealogical research is reliable?

We build your family tree according to certified documents, official civil, church records, whose sources will be specified into a final genealogical/historical book provided.


I have already completed a genealogical research on my family, but need assistance to translate some "original documents" written in Italian or Latin, can Memory Roamers help me?

Yes. On request our language expert provide a translation service, from both Italian or Latin records, to English, German, Spanish, French. On demand, our interpreters can assist you in civil offices, churches.


Can other people have access to my family book or any other information regarding my family?

No, every information provided by our customers or collected by us during one research, is strictly confidential, will not published under ANY condition.

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