Exploring Sicily

Exploring Sicily

Live a unique experience, discover history and nature through an exciting trip in a land that is at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, between Africa and Europe.  Blessed by its strategic position,  it has always attracted people and  developed trades, thus gaining an invaluable richness in Arts and architecture.

Surrounded by teeming seas and beautiful islands, characterized by a mild climate, Sicily preserves almost entirely its natural beauties, which reminds us of its glorious past  of being a 'paradise on earth'. The several volcanoes make Sicily's soil rich in minerals and thanks to the good climate as well the island is covered by luxurious gardens, olive trees, citrus groves, vineyards, wheat fields.

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Arts and Monuments

Located in the centre of the Mediterranean, Sicily is rich of history.

Some of the most important civilizations of the past left their traces in this wonderful region and some of the best examples of Greek , Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Normand and Spanish art can still be admired as testimony of their greatness.  

Temples, theatres, wonderful mosaics, the splendid Arab and Normand architecture that cannot be found anywhere else, gorgeous baroque towns and churches are only  part of the invaluable 'treasure' left by the former rulers of the island.

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Sea and Islands

Cliffs of black hardened lava, golden limestone coastlines swept by the wind, sunny beaches the colour of bronze, white sand in a clear blue sea: Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean sea and includes a large number of satellite islands and archipelagos.  

Visiting tuna factories, diving, sailing or simply sunbathing are only some of the things you can do during your stay….

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Sicily has the highest active volcano in Europe, Mt. Etna, and a series of other smaller ones in the near islands. Each one is of a different geological era and has its own kind of activity: exploring them is always a unique experience.

Climbing up  the legendary Mt Etna will give you plenty of emotions, as you will see red and black lava, dramatic views, picturesque villages on its slopes, citrus orchards and pinewoods, and the lunar desert landscape right at its top.

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