Local Markets photogallery

Sicilian street markets  are a unique place to take in the local atmosphere in a mixture of sights and sounds, from a colorful assortment of meat, fruit and fish to vendors barking in their local dialect . Almost every town has its 'mercatino' (local market), open once a week. Either located in narrow medieval streets, like in Palermo, or occupying a square, like in Catania, the open air markets are always worth a stroll through, even if you actually don't buy anything. Nothing else connects you with local life more than a visit to a bustling street market. Like a heritage from Mediterranean people, who settled here in the course of the centuries, the 'spirit' of Sicilian markets recalls that of the Arab 'souq', not only in the ambience, colours and sounds, but also in the way items are hanged out to be sold.


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